Tropical relaxation

Feet in a pool, the head turned towards the sun, sun glasses on the nose and sun cream on the skin...

And also real palm trees and sea water with truly a lot of salt, more than what Slovaks know from Croatia. This is the best and genuine summer at Tatralandia. And what is your idea of flawless tropical relaxation?

Imagine entering a place with absolute peace and endless fun. Not even for a second, you feel like being in the real world and having real problems. Of course, it would be much more attractive to get off a plane on the exotic island of Bali. But why should you travel for 19 hours if you can simply pass a turnstile and experience something like the magical door to Narnia? You are just suddenly there.

So what does the tropical paradise of Tatralandia offer? Water, sea and hot temperatures of 32°Call year long, bronze suntan all year round, surfing, sun beds, drinks... Just imagine that! You don´t have to use the services of questionable solar studios anymore. Just put your sun cream on and make yourself comfortable on a sun bed under a transparent roof at Tatralandia. You can be sure you will get some tan because there is a special roof cover that lets sunrays through and guarantees a great holiday look all year round. Feel free to enjoy fun on water slides, book a massage, have a rest under a parasol with a drink in your hand or have a glass of beer at the nearest bar. And don´t worry about cash. Foot the bill with your chip wristband and pay only when you leave the park. Relaaaaaaaax...

Well, actually, we want you to be active and experience something. For example exotic surfing. But this is a different story so follow our blogs and read how it feels to stand on a surfboard.

Or how about trying surfing at Tatralandia on your own?

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Dear visitors, please note that the year-round water slides are out of order due to the reconstruction of the toboggan tower.