Ecological Tatralandia

Tatralandia cares about future, the environment and our nature. We want to be better too. And that is why we are eco-friendly.

The sources of our planet are limited so it´s crucial to take small steps that make big changes. And not only in our everyday lives. 

Tatralandia is making small but also big steps to create a better, greener future. Let us tell you more about the changes that we have introduced to save not only electricity but also to manage waste sustainably.

Heating with water

You probably know that many pools in Tatralandia are filled with thermal mineral water which rises deep under the Earth´s surface. A big part of the thermal water flows through our heating systems and transmits its thermal energy. This is used to heat water and goes back to the environment without any damage impaired. Another part of the water flows to the pools and circulates there constantly, which reduces the need of chemicals. Our park visitors can enjoy the beneficial effects of the water on the musculoskeletal and breathing system to the fullest. Removed of dirt and cooled down, is goes back to nature. But for thermal water, Tatralandia would use over four thousand tonnes of coal for heating per year. 

How about the water in pools?

We cherish water as a precious natural source and that´s why all water in our pools is cleaned and returned back to nature. Some pools contain salt water where salt made by evaporation from sea water replaces chlorine for disinfection. This makes the water healthier, cleaner, clearer and more beneficial for the skin, avoids allergies, eye burning and turning red. Water treated in this way is suitable for kids too. Our disinfection system is ecologically harmless and based on nanotechnology which is stable, safe, non-irritant and environmentally friendly.

Aromas of nature

Breathe in while walking around our water park and take in the gust of Spain with mint and lemons, Australia´s spearmint, China´s cardamom and India´s tea plant. All aromas are formed of 100% natural and ecologically harmless substances that can withstand the heat in saunas and don´t contain any alcohol.

The story doesn´t end in the bin...

We have said goodbye to disposable plastic for good so when you visit us next time, don´t forget to return your glass because our dishes are returnable to be reused. Our environment will be very thankful if you prefer a draught drink to a canned or bottled one. When you get a drink served in a plastic glass, please throw it into a yellow container.  In order to help our nature, we have focused on processing bio waste collected by lawn mowing and cultivating our outdoor areas. We do our best to decompose the waste and reuse it or to offer it to farmers as a fertiliser.

Recharging batteries

Electric car owners can use a charging station in our park. So pack your luggage and set out for a trip to Tatralandia to see for yourself what we do to help the environment around us. The topic of ecology is included also in various activities, attractive games and riddles for kids. Nobody gets bored with us :)
You can find the charging station in the accommodation area - Holiday Village Tatralandia, it is available for guests staying in the accommodation as well as for guests of the water park, you can find more information about charging prices at the reception of Holiday Village Tatralandia

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