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Rejuvenating Face Massage With Argan Oil

The cosmetic anti-aging Argan Oil is one of the most expensive oil in the world and an excellent treatment for those who care about their skin. This elixir of beauty and youth has high rejuvenating effect, nourishes, moisturizes and softens the skin. The Argan oil is rapidly absorbed into the skin and thus your skin will be better protected. It acts as an antioxidant. Due to the high concentration of vitamin E and phytosterols it promotes healing the skin. Vitamins A, F, essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, flavonoids, and carotenoids improve skin quality.

Time Price
30 min. 29 €

Classic Massage

Classic massage is a hand application of targeted hand touches including rubbing, spreading, kneading, pounding and vibration. The massage helps supporting the absorption of oedema, improving tissue nutrition, lymph flow and mobility, helps restore the function of affected soft tissue, relieves muscle tension and alleviates the pain. The reflex massage and circulatory changes affect other distant organs having either relaxing or stimulating effects.

Part of the body Time Price
neck, back, legs or complete 45 min. 46 €
legs 25 min. 30 €
head (Argan Oil) 30 min. 35 €
neck 15 min. 19 €

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a king of classical massage, which is mainly suitable before physical performance. Faster, stronger and more dynamic touch warms up the body and improves blood circulation in order to be prepared for physical exercise. The massage has also beneficial effects after physical exertion; it´s intended to relieve fatigue and regenerate the muscles with smoother touch.

Part of the body Time Price
Back and neck 30 min. 36 €
Back, neck and legs 45 min. 46 €

Aromatic Herbal Massage

Oils extracted from herbs with cleansing, revitalizing and toning effects are the main components using for the massage. Touches and fragrances stimulate blood circulation, sooth the nervous system and relieve muscles.

Time Price
30 min. 36 €
60 min. 55 €

Coconut Massage For Youth

Take a rest by indulging in the soothing scent of coconut. You can choose full body massage and back massage. Coconut massage oil is suitable in any season for all skin types. It intensively regenerates, moisturizes, protects and nourishes your skin. During the massage the oil is absorbed into the skin and both the therapeutic and the restorative effects are then developed. The massage results in smooth and beautiful skin.

Time Price
20 min. 26 €
40 min. 36 €

Honey Massage

Honey massage is a very effective detoxifying massage. Honey contains almost all minerals and much iron, the substances which are inevitable for our organism. The massage is suitable predominantly in spring and in autumn. It is not recommended to people allergic to honey!

Time Price
30 min. 36 €
50 min. 46 €

Lava Stones Massage

It´s a massage with the use of rounded lava stones heated almost up to 60 degrees Celsius. They can absorb, maintain, and gradually release heat and thus completely extinguish fatigue, relax muscles, take negative energy, and improve blood circulation. The exceptionally relaxing massage brings the body and soul plenty of rest.

Part of the body Time Price
Back 30 min. 36 €
Body 45 min. 46 €


Cupping is one of the oldest Chinese healing treatments. Vacuum cups are applied to certain points on the skin and cause “suction” pressure, which improves the blood pressure and purifies it, reduces pain and inflammations, boosts the nervous system.

Time Price
25 min. 27 €

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage

The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is typical for long, continuous strokes made with the therapist's elbows. Gentle techniques are combined with deep-tissue activation, and to perform long rhythmic strokes, therapists use the power of their body centre. The Lomi Lomi massage is considered to be a gem of a massage because the special technique, rhythm combined with the aroma of essential oils guarantee absolute relaxation of body, mind and spirit.

Part of the body Time Price
Back and neck 30 min. 36 €
Back, neck and legs 45 min. 46 €
Whole body with a glass of Prossecco (for 2 persons) 60 min.  106 €

Reflex Foot Massage

Reflex foot massage is based on seventy thousand nerve endings that are attached to the legs and are connected to each part of the body. When pressing specific points, stimulating the internal organs, breaking down the tension, activating the lymphatic system, helping with insomnia and headaches. After the massage, the body becomes more resistant, more balanced, and the pleasant feeling of light feet is also positive. Massage should be done at least once a month.

Time Price
25 min. 30 €

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