Caribbean Pirate´s Island

More children's fun

Plunge into the exotic atmosphere of the Caribbean Pirates´ Island, which is divided in two sections – a lower, aqua marine zone with pools and an upper sunlit zone.

The relaxation Ocean pool with bubbles, massage beds, underwater jets and temperature of 32°C, which is located in the lower section is ideal mainly for older adventurers. There is also a swimming counter-current part with colourful lights under water. Kids can frolic in the neighbouring Pirate pool, slide down a hollow tree and play with exotic animals. They will be greeted by a friendly crocodile, a chatty parrot and a water snake that refreshes everybody around. But be careful. Swinging melons can surprise you with “water showers”. We won´t tell you more, though. Come and see for yourself.

A new children's town, Aquapolis, was added on the first floor - a fun traffic playground with interactive games, a polyclinic, a fire station....
A section intended primarily for children under 6 years of age.

Adrenaline attractions await right behind the children's pirate pool - a bastion with five year-round slides - Monkey Slide, Jungle raft, Black&White, Tornádo and Rappido.

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