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Fantasy School at Tatralandia

Nowhere else in the world you can find the four unreal subjects: Skeletonuage, Hocus-Pocus, Natureology and Body-Practice along with Fantasy School, IQ Attractions and IQ Points enriched with fun in pools, water slides and on a surfboard.

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Tatralandia history

In early summer 2018 we celebrated the 15th birthday of Tatralandia. Do you remember your first day in the water park, your first bathing? Get back with us to the very beginning of Tatralandia and look how it has grown for the 15 years.

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How to master water slides at Tatralandia with a smile on your face

If adrenalin is your middle name and you love water adventures, read on to learn how to enjoy water slides to the fullest.

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Tropical relaxation

Feet in a pool, the head turned towards the sun, sun glasses on the nose and sun cream on the skin. And also real palm trees and sea water with truly a lot of salt. This is the best and genuine summer at Tatralandia.

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Surf Waves – adrenaline on the wave

Has it been a hard day on a ski slope? Have you already skied 68 km but your body is still pumped by adrenaline? In that case, this is an ideal change for you to „discharge“ lost energy - adrenaline water fun called Surf Waves...

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Surf Waves Tatralandia

Are you attracted to exotic countries, sea, huge waves and surfing? You don´t need to travel far anymore.