It´s time to cleanse your whole body. Try DETOX.

If you have given up a diet, it´s time to look for other health and relaxation alternatives - one of them could be Tatralandia.

Tatralandia is a place which is well represented not just through its own slogan "adventure and fun", but also by its effort to bring news and shift relaxation, fun and health to another level. And thanks to this effort, you can take advantage of a rich offer of attractions either entertain you, or help detoxify the body.

Possibility 1 - Sauna

A sauna perfectly helps with detoxification. Just keep the recommended times for taking a sauna, e.g. 15 minutes in the Finnish sauna so that the procedure is repeated by changing cooling down and warming up. The sauna cleanses your body from toxins gained, for example, during holidays and celebrations.

Possibility 2 - Massage

A massage that will make you feel like being born again can also help your body to get rid of toxins. Tatralandia offers several ways to enjoy it. Honey massage is the most popular treatment using natural way of detoxifying the body. Treat yourself to it more regularly and you can see its positive effect very soon.

Possibility 3 - Meal

The time when you ate a hot dog after your bathing has been long gone. Today, there is a wider offer of meal. So skip the fries and start with healthier food. From our menu we recommend you choose fresh fish with some light salad and do not forget about water! Water is the alpha and omega of the whole detox. The more decilitres or even litres you drink, the more harmful substances you can remove from your body.

And what if not interested in the detox?

Although detoxification is modern, not all of us need it. If you want to experience the real pleasure, and enjoy the right moment without taking any notice of fat pads on your body, have a pancake with Nutella and excellent Piña Colada and focus on cleansing your thoughts. That's why Tatralandia is here.

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