How to master water slides at Tatralandia with a smile on your face

If adrenalin is your middle name and you love water adventures, read on to enjoy water slides to the fullest.

At Tatralandia, we know that summer is not only about lying on sun beds and getting some suntan but also about proper adrenalin. Read our suggestions that might help you have a great time on 28 summer water slides.

1. Assess your options

Although you might say that nothing bad can happen on water slides, that doesn´t always need to be the case. If you already have had a drink or two, you had better avoid the slides. The same applies to pregnant ladies and people with cardiovascular issues. Water slides are very dangerous for them. They should prefer safety to adrenalin. 

2. Follow all instructions

Before entering a water slide, read the instructions. They inform about the proper usage procedure, the body position, minimum height and maximum weight of users, the length of the slide and whether you need a mat or a raft to slide down. Every slide has different instructions so pay attention every time you choose another one.

3. Respect lifeguards and supervising staff

Don´t be a rebel. It´s not worth it at Tatralandia. Our employees are there for you to give you advice so please respect them. All water slide directions and instructions of lifeguards and the supervising staff are for your own good and safety. Our staff will be happy to help you with any problem you might have. Just ask them. Whether you are looking for a bar or toilets, check the mini water park map

4. Rafts and water slides have the same colour

Rafts are required on some water slides. It is mostly those that can be used by two or three people at once. So choosing the right type of raft is very important. That´s easy because there are rafts of various colours located at the landing pool. You can choose based on the colour of the slide you want to use. Or look around from the landing pool to see which rafts have been used on the slide you are heading to.

5. Effective time management

Testing as many water slides as possible takes time. If you don´t like queuing, try the Express Pass. Jump the queue and enjoy a special raft that needs to be returned back to the staff once used. You can pay for the pass with your chip and settle it when leaving the park.

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