Adrenalin madness

Hello there! Yes, I mean you! You, who love adrenalin, fun and sometimes think that doing something crazy is the best thing ever.

Do you ever feel as if accumulated energy was threatening to crush you? You spend all day by doing sport but your batteries don´t seem to be going flat? Then this is tailored for you! 

Let me introduce a few corners in Tatralandia where adrenalin is guaranteed. No, I am not talking about searching for a lost chip that slipped off your wrist in water, neither about sprinting to water and catching a ball that fell out of a pool when there is -10°C outside. I am going to show you adrenalin adventures that are meant only for those in the know.

Water slides

Water slides - you can count on them every time. There are various kinds of water slides, various ways how to use them, various circumstances, various groups of people. You might tell yourself that you know them but they´re never the same. One time, you use a raft, then a mat, at another time, you enjoy a wild ride with a friend, you can go down slowly so that your significant other doesn´t get scared, you try what it takes or you change your positions. Every ride is different and better than the previous one.

Indoor surfing

But to be honest, surfing is the best adrenalin ever and has always commanded respect. It feels a bit exotic and dangerous at the same time. The wave speed is astonishing and can cause a lot of interesting things, for example to loose swimming costumes. Overcoming oneself and making the first step, the first step on a surfboard is the biggest challenge. And after that, it´s only great fun. Waves do what they want with me and I am happy to let them (well, maybe sometimes too much :) Luckily, Tatralandia is well prepared so it´s soft and safe everywhere around the waves.

Surf Raft

Some people say that adrenalin is not meant for children. Well, that´s not quite true. What about merry-go-rounds? That´s proper adrenalin, isn´t it? No, there are no water marry-go-rounds in Tatralandia but the park offers something far better. Even children in Hawaii don´t surf but in our water park, they do. After all, it is very easy. I enter the surf zone, sit down onto an inflatable raft and enjoy the speed of water. Everything is safe and mega amusing. Who knows what those 4-year-old kids think about it. I should ask them next time.

Is this still not enough? You have probably noticed a climbing wall above the outdoor thermal pool. You may tell yourself: So what? A climbing wall? Is this supposed to be adrenalin? Well, try it and you´ll see. The right hand, the left foot, the three-point rule, wet handholds, a bit of logic... the whole pool is watching and waiting. Suddenly you are up there and the only way down is to jump. You fall into a hot pool and shout happily: “I made it!”

Whether you are a fan of peaceful relaxation or crazy adrenalin frolicking, Tatralandia offers both. And I can guarantee you will love it there!

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Dear visitors, please note that the year-round water slides are out of order due to the reconstruction of the toboggan tower.