The Composition of Water

Source of thermal water with a temperature of 60.7 °C is the heart of all-year-round Tatralandia water park.

Thermal water in pools has a special status within waters in Liptov. A part of sea waters coming from a Palaeogene sea, having already been in the area of Liptov 40 million years ago. Mineral water in Tatralandia has healing effects on physical and respiratory system.

Chemically, it is a Ca-Na-Mg-HCO3-SO4 water type with higher value of Na-Ca and total mineralization of 4.4 – 4.7 g/l. The water has an increased content of SiO2, Sr, B, F a K.

Element Value
Calcium - Ca 617,2
Magnesium - Mg 168,3
Strontium - Sr 7,08
Barium - Ba 0,04
Lithium - Li 1,4
Sodium - Na 412,5
Potassium - K 103,5
Manganese - Mn 0,06
Iron - Fe 2,07
Aluminum- Al 0,14
Ammonium 2,29
Fluoride - F- 2,90
Chloride - Cl- 218,4
Bromide - B- 1,0
Sulphate - SO4- 1 011
Acid carbonate - HCO3 2 233,3

Saltwater at Tatralandia

Sea salt used in the saltwater pools Tropical Pool and White Lagoon is obtained directly through the evaporation of seawater. It contains many minerals that are specific for the Mediterranean Sea which does not contain other salts. Sea salt used in Tatralandia comes from the Mediterranean Sea near Italy and has specific characteristics specific for this area. Sea salt is dissolved in water in the pools, and it is used to replace chlorine for disinfection. Thanks to it the water is healthier, cleaner, clearer and more beneficial to your skin. What´s more, it has natural antiseptic properties, destroys microorganisms, treats skin diseases, doesn´t dry your skin, does not irritate mucous membranes, doesn´t cause allergic reactions, it has no unpleasant smell of chlorine, it doesn´t cause the itchy skin or stinging red eyes, so it is suitable for the youngest swimmers, too.

Seawater salinity – generally refers to the concentration of minerals (salt) dissolved in seawater. It is most frequently measured in parts per thousand (‰) or grams per litre solution. Mostly, salinity is defined as the total concentration of substances in seawater. Sodium chloride has the largest share among the substances dissolved in seawater. The Dead Sea has the highest salinity - 330 ‰, the Baltic Sea has the lowest salinity - only 4 ‰.


The share of salt in the seas and in Tatralandia Salinity
The Dead Sea  330 ‰
The Red Sea  42 ‰
The Mediterranean Sea  38 ‰
Tatralandia – seawater pools White Lagoon and Tropical Pool 23 ‰
The Black Sea  19 ‰
The Baltic Sea  4 ‰


Enjoy the pools of Tatralandia to the fullest. Have fun and relax in salt, thermal and clear water.

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