Wellness packages

No need to contemplate which treatment to choose! They have been combined to create ideal and affordable packages.

Anti-Stress Package

Relaxation procedures which help defuse stress, help to relieve the body and boost the sense of well-being.

Wellness package includes:

  • Face massage with argan oil (20 min.)
  • Relaxation massage (30 min.)
  • Anti-stress rosemary wrap (20 min.)
Time Price
70 min. 54 €

Back Relaxation Package

Thermal application of a disposable peat wrap is an excellent addition to the massage, because it produces relaxing effects in deeper parts of the body. Relaxation of muscle tissue leads to relief of pain, relaxation of muscles and increase in local blood flow. It is recommended to relieve joint and back pain, stiff muscles and rheumatic problems.

Wellness package includes:

  • Back and neck massage (25 minutes)
  • Peat back wrap (20 minutes)
Time Price
45 min.

43 €

Rejuvenation Peeling Package with Relaxation Massage

An excellent combination for rejuvenating the body with peeling making your skin smooth, silky and bright, and prepared to absorb the healing effects of the relaxation massage.  

Wellness package includes:

  • Coconut body peeling (20 min.)
  • Aromatic relaxation massage (30 min.)
Time Price
50 min. 50 €

Fragrant Package with Garra Rufa BIO Pedicure

Garra Rufa Bio fish pedicure connected with a fragrant warming paraffin treatment leaving your hands silky smooth.

The wellness package includes:

  • Paraffin for your hands (20 min.)
  • Garra Rufa fish (20 min.)
Time Price
20 min. 20 €

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