Big birthday party

Open the summer season and celebrate another birthday with us!

You can't miss this party!

Celebrate Tatralandia's 21st birthday with us! On 5th July 2024, we'll be celebrating from morning till late at night. Enjoy an unforgettable birthday party with an all-day entertainment programme packed with competitions, quizzes, dancing, laughter, and above all, great vibes.

Oliver Oswald and Samo Procházka, presenters of Radio Europa 2, will be there too to ensure great fun. You can also look forward to a concert of KALI and his summer "Summer Forever" song from Tatralandia. And if you still have plenty of energy, SIMA will join us and we'll dance and jump to her greatest hits. They say that a party without a cake is just a meeting so a birthday cake cannot be missing, of course.

Don’t forget! Our birthday party continues into the evening with DJ EKG and we'll keep the fun going together until early hours.

Access to the birthday party is included in the price of 1-day tickets 

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 Daily schedule
10:00 Animation program
11:00 Talostan- Magic (illusion)
12:00  Animation program
13:00 Talostan- Magic (illusion)
14:00 Sima-singer
15:00 Autograph session and animation program
16:00  Kali- singer
17:00 Animation

*the programme is subject to change

Evening programme
18:00 Animation program
19:00 DJ Jurek
21:30 DJ EKG

Don't miss the birthday party and have fun with us until 1:00!

How did we have fun last year?