Year round pools

Enjoy great fun in 10 year-round salt, thermal and clear water pools in Tatralandia

White Lagoon

The saltwater in the White Lagoon indoor pool has almost the same composition as water in the Adriatic Sea. The temperature reaches 34 °C. The minerals crystallise on the skin and make it smooth. Swimming in saltwater activates the regeneration and revitalisation process in cells, increases the level of iron in the blood. In addition, saltwater is antiseptic. Enjoy genuine saltwater therapy (thalasso therapy).

Area: 128 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 15 x 8 m
Water capacity: 141 m3

Bubble Pool

Bubble Pool is an indoor saltwater pool with water temperature of 34 °C. Saltwater boosts detoxification of our organisms and the overall immunity. Special massage benches and massage beds with underwater jets and geysers offer a relaxing full-body massage. Thalsso therapy helps treat skin problems, rheumatism and sports injuries, improves the blood count and is great against cellulite. 

Area: 146 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 15 x 11 m
Water capacity: 161 m3

Paradise Pool

The warm (34 – 36 °C) clear water pool is ideal for flawless relaxation. Massage beds and water jets guarantee spoiling peace of body and mind, and offer views of a Spanish galleon replica – a ship that was often used by pirates. Cold drinks served at the Barbados pool bar fit to the exotic atmosphere perfectly. 

Area: 149 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 20 x 8 m
Water capacity: 164 m3

Tropical Pool

The clear water pool offers relaxation on massage chairs, benches and geysers which massage the back and legs. The pleasant water temperature (34 – 36 °C) is tailored for moments of piece so don´t hesitate and forget all your troubles in the shadow of a big pirate ship. 

Area: 433,8 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 35,2 x 14,2 m
Water capacity: 432 m3

Thermal Pool

The Thermal pool is an outdoor thermal pool divided in a sport section (36 ˚C) and a relaxation zone (40 ˚C). The thermal water has beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal and breathing system. It rises as deep as over 2.5 km, where the temperature reaches 60.7 ˚C, and contains elements of the Paleogene Sea. Massage beds, chairs and a water spring emphasise the relaxation in the pool.

Area: 433,8 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 35,2 x 14,2 m
Water capacity: 432 m3

Niagara Pool

The outdoor Niagara pool with water temperature of 30 °C is available all year round. Boost your health in swimming lanes and enjoy the beneficial effects of the thermal water on your musculoskeletal and breathing system.

Area: 399,6 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 33,3 x 12 m
Water capacity: 440 m3

Snorkeling Pool

All age groups can enjoy great fun and adventures when exploring the underwater world in the snorkelling pool. And those who feel like doing more than just observing fish and corals will love various water games and treasure hunting. The clear water pool reaches temperatures of 34 – 36 °C.

Area: 42 m2
Depth: 120 cm
Size of pools: 9,3 x 6 m
Water capacity: 50 m3

Ocean Pool

The indoor clear water pool with the temperature of 32 °C offers underwater massages, massage beds, water spouts, bubble makers, massage jets and a swimming zone with a counter current. A special underwater light system emphasises the relaxing atmosphere in the pool. 

Area: 202 m2
Depth: 120 cm
Size of pools: 11 x 18,4 m
Water Capacity: 243 m3

Children´s pirates pool

The clear water kid´s pool in the indoor Caribbean zone has a comfortable temperature of 32 °C. Let your children frolic on a Jumbo castle, in a water moat with slides or with exotic animals and palm trees. Parents can watch their kids while relaxing on pool beds. 

Area: 90,5 m2
Depth: 30 cm
Size of pools: 8 x 11,3 m
Water capacity: 27 m3

Tower Pool

A year-round heated clear water pool with temperature 28oC. It serves as a landing pool of year-round water slides: Jungle Raft, Black & White, Rapido and Monkey Slide. Enjoy great adrenalin adventures on water slides. 

Area: 65,32 m2
Depth: 30 cm
Size of pools: 9,2 x 7,1 m 
Water capacity: 20 m3


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