Sauna show

Warm you up and relax – Sauna Show is here for you.

Celtic Sauna World in Tatralandia offers many ways of relaxation, but Sauna Show move the boundaries of body and mind relaxation. What can Sauna show offer to you?

At the begging of Sauna Show, you can use a regeneration scrub to clean your skin from impurities and dead skin cellars. Your skin will be able to breathe more easily and can regenerate faster.

Afterwards you can enjoy sauna procedure itself, mainly, thanks to a sauna master, who brings a new dimension to the procedure. It becomes an intensive and lively experience. With ice and water, the sauna master increases the humidity in saunas and by adding various herbal or citrus flavours to ice or water pleasant scents are spread over the sauna. Thus the procedure is enriched with aromatherapy. The sauna master whirls the hot air with a towel or a fan. The warm helps the body to lose harmful substances, opens the skin pores, and improves the blood circulation, elasticity and appearance. However, the sauna procedure itself has an excellent preventive effect against diseases.

Music Therapy is another part of Sauna Show. During this ritual, not only the body but also the mind relaxes. Different sound instruments such as singing bowls or a gong vibrate all the cells in your body giving you perfect relaxation.

Enjoy the Sauna Show on your own and you certainly will be back to experience it again.

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