Surf Challenge

A new Surf Challenge for all surfers and non-surfers! 
Join it, learn new tricks and win!

The Surf Challenge has been renewed to make you move to the fullest. Learn great action tricks and present them on the waves of Tatralandia to enjoy a reward or even a surfing title. If you haven´t tried surfing yet, no problem. Show off your sporting spirit on a bodyboard in a lying or kneeling position.

Savour a delicious Sappé Aloe Vera drink for each 5 tricks. Once you complete 10 tricks of your choice, your Tatralandia Surfer level will be rewarded with a stylish sticker. If you master 20 tricks, you will get another sticker to prove you are a real Surf Hero of Tatralandia. Go through all 30 tricks and reach the highest level. Every King of Tatralandia Waves can wear a cool wristband that all other surfers will admire and see as a proof of your professional indoor surfing skills. Everybody can do it. It just takes some courage to stand on a flowboard. Each level is rewarded individually, which means three times in total – with 6 Sappé drinks. Well? Will you accept our challenge and become a surfing champion? Don´t forget that the summer is knocking on the door and it´s high time to get in shape.

How does the Surf Challenge work?

  1. The challenge is available for anybody – kids, adults, indoor surfing amateurs, experts
  2. Follow new videos on our Instagram and Facebook every Wednesday and Sunday to learn new tricks or ask any of our instructors for help.
  3. Once you feel sure about at least 5 tricks, show them to an instructor to get a reward. Enjoy a Sappé Aloe Vera drink per five tricks and a sticker or a wristband for a completed level.
  4. Share your surfing success! Have a picture taken with your instructor and post your reward in social media. Add the hashtag #tatralandia,  #surfchallenge or  #surfwavestatralandia to let everybody know where every indoor surfing eager beaver is rewarded. And if you want, you can also prove how you are doing on the water waves. 

Which level do you dare to complete?

Tatralandia Surfer

Surf Hero of Tatralandia

King of Tatralandia waves

Surf Waves Tatralandia

Are you attracted to exotic countries, sea, huge waves and surfing? You don´t need to travel far anymore.