Reusable plastic glasses in Tatralandia

Say "NO" to single-use plastic and help minimize waste in the water park


  • The returnable deposit is 2 € per glass
  • All glasses are ecological 
  • The glasses can be returned at all water park bars and restaurants 
  •  The deposit will not be refunded*


*after payment of the deposit, the cup is the customer´s property and we are not responsible for any theft. The deposit is refundable only if the cup is returned.

Vratné automaty na poháre nájdete: 

  • pri dolných pokladniach pri vstupe do šatní oproti AquaShopu
  • pri Paradiso shope v komplexe Tropical Paradise v lodi
  • v reštaurácii Paradiso pri pokladni

Dear visitors, the tower with water slides will be out of operation due to planned maintenance from 4.12. till 6.12.2023.

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