FINALLY AMUSEMENT in Tropical Paradise!

Relax and have fun while staying safe!


Finalyyyyyyyyy! That’s what many lovers of water and water parks scream with joy. Our time has come!

Tatralandia is opening and will be happy to welcome you

Our year-round park offers clear, thermal and salt water pools, water slides that begin and end indoors, a pool bar with popular mixed drinks, guaranteed tropical temperatures of over 30°C and real palm treas. Why should you risk and travel around half of the world if there is a safe and real tropical paradise just round the corner?

NEW Tickets from 14.50€ with access guaranteed

We appreciate your loyalty and want to welcome you with great introductory prices. Currently, there are-all day or 3-hours tickets from 14.50€/person. 

Although there are still some capacity limitations, we would like to make it comfortable for you and guarantee Tatralandia access. Buy your ticket on in advance (available soon) to book your access and to be sure you can enjoy our Tropical Paradise packed with amusement. We suggest coming a few minutes earlier (max. 15 min) before your time period so that the chip issuance process at a ticket office does not make your desired water relaxation shorter.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the operation of the aquapark complex.

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Webcams Tatralandia

If you want to have a look at our water park or see what´s the weather like, check our webcams.

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