Tatralandia – my summer love

One week is not enough to enjoy a holiday in our Tropical Paradise.

Are you looking forward to hot tropical temperatures in summer? Sunbathing, swimming in water, lying in the shade of palm trees…

Don´t be sad about not being able to relax on a sunlit beach this year. Make an exotic holiday in Slovakia and get ready for great adventures and unforgettable moments in the region of Liptov! Only we guarantee a unique exotic atmosphere with real tropical plants and 30°C temperatures also during summer storms that you can hide from in our Tropical Paradise or at a wrecked ship. Discover the beneficial effects of salt, clear and thermal water that is tailored for flawless relaxation of body and mind. And if pools are not refreshing enough for you, try a drink in the middle of a pool at the Barbados bar or the Marina bar. Only Tatralandia promises adventures on wild water slides. Adrenalin not only for the bravest ones but for everybody, their families and friends!

Discover the beauties of Slovakia

Make a holiday in Slovakia and feast your eyes on mountains or relax in water parks.

Restaurants and bars of Tatralandia

Enjoy exotic drinks, gourmet and traditional specialities in our bars and restaurants.

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Dear visitors, please note that the year-round water slides are out of order due to the reconstruction of the toboggan tower.