GOPASS package at Tatralandia

Do you have a GOPASS card? Don´t hesitate, use your collected points and spoil yourself with a GOPASS package.

Use our special GOPASS package offer to enjoy Tatralandia to the fullest only at: 

0 € + 100 GOPASS points
5 € + 50 GOPASS points


What does the GOPASS package include?

- an XL safe for storing your personal items

- our welcome drink served at the Barbados pool bar in the Tropical Paradise

- a pool bed booked only for you in the GOPASS zone – the upstairs balcony opposite the pirate ship in the Tropical Paradise

40% off on a massage in the Wellness centre (3 kinds of massages to choose from)

How does it work?

- collect at least 50 GOPASS points with your GOPASS card;

- go straight to a ticket office or the Information centre once you enter Tatralandia;

- have the respective number of points deducted at the ticket office / Information centre, i.e. 100 points + 0 € or 50 points with a 5 € surcharge;

- pick up a voucher to get a safe, choose a pool bed in the GOPASS zone, enjoy a welcome drink and select a massage with 40% off;

- pick up a tape to mark your booked pool bed;

- spend a great day at Tatralandia


Spoil yourself with us.

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