Surf Season Pass

Fall for the benefits of the Surf Season Pass! Enjoy half a year with fun and sport on the Surf Waves of Tatralandia.

Frolic on the wild Surf Waves of Tatralandia 181 days long.

Only at 89 €! 

Every Surf Season Pass is valid from 01. 11. 2019 t30. 04. 2020  and can be used for 60 minutes per dayDon´t hesitate and learn how to surf in the region of Liptov – at a great price and watched by an instructor. And if the weather gets worse in winter and you don´t feel like skiing, make up for it on the surf waves of Tatralandia. Because our surf zone offers tropical temperatures all year round.

All you need to do is choose the time and the type of surfing you want to try:

Bodyboarding – surfing in a lying, kneeling or sitting position on a special bodyboard.

Flowboarding – surging in a standing position on a special flowboard.

* Surf Waves Tatralandia opening times during week (Mon - Fri): 13:00-14:00, 15:00-17:00 a 18:00-19:45.


Are you still hesitating? 

Don´t miss the adrenalin wave and mega benefits that the Surf Season Pass guarantees:

181 days = 6 months

Surfing in all weathers

1 hour = 0.50 €

Without using the water park

Supervision by instructors

To use the Season Aqua Pass or the Season Sauna Pass, every client needs to show their valid identification document (ID, driving licence, health insurance card - applies to kids). Thank you for understanding.

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Surf Season Pass prices

Every Surf Season Pass is valid from 01. 11. 2019 - 30. 04. 2020


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6 – 11.99y.
Juniors, students, 
AdultsSurcharge for clients with winter Surf Passes
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(07. 10. - 19. 12. 2019)
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main Season
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(20. 12. 2019 - 30. 04. 2020)
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Discounts & points for registrated members with the GoPass card.

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