Activate Gopass tickets

Activate entries purchased via After just 6 simple steps you can enjoy your time at Tatralandia.


Log in to your account on


Click on your name (profile), go to your Gopass voucherssection, choose a resort and choose from the offer by clicking on First minute vouchers. 


Select the ticket with a zero value, add it to a person, choose a date and add the ticket to the basket.  To add more tickets to more people, go back to your Gopass vouchers and repeat the same process for each person.


Once you add all tickets that you want to activate, go to your shopping basket and check if the date, person(s) and the water park have been clicked correctly and click on Continue.


Once you add and check all tickets that you want to activate, agree to the processing of your personal data and click on Continue.


Confirm the product activation and don´t forget to use all benefits that Gopass offers. 

More details:

  • If you want to activate more tickets, you need to have a person (more people) subordinated in your account to activate the tickets for them when shopping.    
  • If you don´t have subordinate family members activated, do so at first.  
  • When adding a new family member, please fill in their name, surname and date of birth. Then add a new member or more members if you need.    
  • If you don´t have a Gopass card, pick it up (for yourself and your friends) in contact centres or find a digital Gopass card in the “Gopass cards” section.  
  • Once everything is activated, please show your Gopass card(s) at a ticket office to get your chip wristband(s) that will be paired with your Gopass account to use discounts in the park.

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International helpline: +421 220 510 448
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