Reloadable chip

We value our loyal season pass holders. Skip queues and enter our water parks with an Aqua Season Pass and a reloadable chip faster!

  1. Reloadable chips serve for entering water parks faster.
  2. Every chip is non-transferable and can be used only by the person that it has been issued for. 
  3. The chip wristband deposit is 5€/1 pc.
  4. Chips are not compatible for both water parks so you need to borrow 1 chip for Tatralandia and 1 chip for Bešeňová (both at the 5€ deposit). This applies to all age groups. 
  5. Colours:  Bešeňová water park – blue for children, black for adults; Tatralandia water park – green for children, red for adults. 
  6. The water parks can be entered with the reloadable chips only through selected turnstiles. 
  7. Once you pass a turnstile, a picture of you is taken and automatically compared to the photo in your Gopass account. 
  8. If any chip is misused or given to another person, it can be blocked without compensation based on the park rules. 
  9. If any reloadable chip gets damaged or lost, their holder is not entitled to be returned their deposit. They can have a new chip issued at a new deposit when they come to any of the water parks next time. 
  10. For the general terms and conditions and water park rules, please visit and                      


Water slides

Enjoy fast adventures on our water slides. Pluck up your courage and join a crazy adrenalin wave!

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