Tatralandia + Bešeňová

4 months of summer holidays

Are you one of those who cannot wait to finally relax?

Pack your swimwear and enjoy both water parks only at 119€!
Ticket use guarantee, season pass discounts and great benefits are included! 

Do you know the summer Aqua Season Pass?

Only this pass offers 4 MONTHS in the Bešeňová and Tatralandia water parks at an unbeatable price!

S Aquasezónkou na vás čaká zábava v bazénoch a na toboganoch či odpočinok pod palmami alebo priamo na slniečku v oboch vodných parkoch!  Novinkou tejto sezóny je garancia využitia vašej sezónky v akomkoľvek obmedzovaní.  Súčasťou letnej Aquasezónky je atraktívny bonus pre jeho držiteľov, a to 15% plošná zľava v reštauráciách a baroch a v Tatry Motion prevádzkach v Tatralandii aj v Bešeňovej počas celej platnosti Aquasezónky. Navyše, máme pre vás pripravené ďalšie špeciálne ponuky.


Please prove your identity with an ID, a driving licence or a health insurance card when entering our park. Thank you for your understanding.

Summer Aqua Season Pass benefits

  • 2 water parks at 1 price (Bešeňová and Tatralandia)
  • platnosť až viac ako 4 mesiace = 25.6. – 31.10.2021 
  • 19 pools, 13 water slides and more than 300 water attractions in total 
  • New: To make it more comfortable and safer to you, we are ready to guarantee that you can use your season pass in the case of any restrictions. For more details, please read the General terms and conditions.
  • 15 % off in selected restaurants and bars in the water parks
  • 15 % off in selected Aqua Motion shops in the water parks


The 15% discount applies to the following bars and restaurants:

  1. Tatralandia: year-round facilities  - Paradiso Restaurant, Barbados bar, Marina bar, Tiki bar, summer facilities - Fries, Pizza & Palacinky, Medrano restaurant, Chill out bar, Grill bar, Havránok
  2. Bešeňová water park: year-round facilities – Bistro, Cosmopolitan Bar, Butterfly Bar, Relax Bar, summer facilities – Sweet & Coffee, Grill

The 15% discount applies to goods sold in the following Aqua Motion shops:

  1.  Tatralandia: year-round facilities  - Aqua shop, Paradiso shop,summer facilities - Darčekovo, Exit shop
  2. Bešeňová water park: year-round facilities - Color tree, Aqua motion shop v Stane zábavy, year-round facilities - Aqua motion shop, Coqui shop


 Are you still hesitating?
Check out the advantages that the Summer Aqua Season Pass offers:

  • 128 days = more than 4 months
  • 2 water parks = 1 season pass
  • 19 pools and 13 water slides
  • 1 day = 0.77€
  • 15% off in shops and restaurants
  • Exclusive offers at great prices during the validity period
  • More than 300 attractions in total
  • Fun activities and events
  • Children till 6 years free of charge

Smart Season Aquapass - TOP SEASON prices

till 6* y.
6 - 12* y.
Junior, student, 
OnlineFree99 €109 €119 €buy via gopass.travel
Offline at ticket officesFree119 €135€149 € 

*not reached age


General Terms and Conditions - Summer SEASON AQUA PASS

Online file download

Important information

  • The Summer Aqua Season Pass can be used in the water parks of Tatralandia and Bešeňová.
  • Every Summer Aqua Season Pass is valid for 4 months. 
  • The season passes are sold on www.gopass.travel and at ticket offices in Tatralandia and Bešeňová in high season from 10.7. 2021 to 30.9.2021. The season passes can be used during the opening times of both water parks. 
  • Every Summer Aqua Season Pass can be added to an already purchased Aqua Season Pass at the surcharge of 89€ on www.gopass.travel (in high season).
  • Every Summer Aqua Season Pass includes a special bonus – 15% off in restaurants and bars as well as in Aqua Motion facilities in Tatralandia and Bešeňová during the Aqua Season Pass validity period which begins one day after the Aqua Season Pass purchase. 
  • Every Summer Aqua Season Pass is issued for a specific person (with their name written on the pass) and is non-transferable. 
  • Children younger than 6 years (0-5.99 years) can enter both water parks for free. 
  • All clients are kindly asked to prove their identity with an ID, a driving licence or a health insurance card when entering the water park. 

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