Sauna Seasonpass

Let all the worries in the steam disappear and recharge  positive energy and treat yourself to a world of perfect rest and relaxation

Relax in the saunas of the water parks of Bešeňová and Tatralandia for half a year.

Use the special Sauna Seasonpass and discover absolute relaxation of body and mind. Recharge your batteries in the Celtic sauna world of Tatralandia and Harmónia - Wellness & Spa of Bešeňová. Enjoy the saunas of Tatralandia and Bešeňová for half a year 

Tatralandia offers 21 steam, water and massage baths, treatments and saunas. Special sauna shows with aromatherapy and music therapy present a new dimension of sauna relaxation.

Bešeňová guarantees a flawless harmony of relaxation and peace in the holistic wellness centre which focuses on flawless care for body, mind and soul. The new wellness & spa centre introduces the nature of the Liptov region, the so called cave of Bešeňová, a majestic Sauna temple and also unique sauna rituals.

Sauna Seasonpass prices

Best-price season tickets are available on →

Advance sale from 08. 05. till 30. 06. 2020

6 – 11.99y.
Juniors, students, 
AdultsSurcharge for clients with winter Sauna Season Pass 
Online69 €79 €89 €69 €Buy on →
Offline at ticket offices89 €99 €109 €- 

Top season from 8.5.2020 to 30.6.2020

6 – 11.99y.
Juniors, students, 
Adults Surcharge for clients with Winter Sauna Passes 
Online79 €89 €99 €79 €Buy on →
Offline at ticket offices 99 €115 €129 €- 

Important details

  • Every Sauna Season Pass can be used for 3 hours per day plus 40 minutes for changing in the changing rooms at the main entrance.
  • Surcharges for extra sauna use (beyond the 3-hour limit) are based on the currently valid price list.
  • Every Sauna Season Pass is non-transferable.
  • The Sauna Season Pass does not include Aqua ticket services (water park use – pools, water slides).
  • KIDS under 5.99 years cannot stay in saunas.
  • KIDS from 6 to 11.99 years (prove the age with health insurance cards, passports), JUNIORS from 12 to 17.99 years (prove the age with IDs, health insurance cards, passports), STUDENTS – full-time students under 26 years (prove the student-status with ISIC, Euro 26 cards), SENIORS – clients over 60 years, disabled clients (with valid disability cards that include client´s photo) 
  • The Sauna Season Passes can be used in the wellness centres of Tatralandia (Celtic sauna world) and  Bešeňová (Harmónia wellness & spa).
  • Every Sauna Season Pass is valid 6 month since water parks opening  
  • The Sauna Season Passes can be purchased on and at ticket offices of Tatralandia and Bešeňová in advance between 8.5.2020 and 30.6.2020 or during the high season between 1.7.2020 and 31.10.2020.

General terms and conditions - Sauna Season Pass

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