Tatralandia massages without entering the water park

Treat yourself to unique relaxation with massages and relaxing procedures without entering the water park.

Give yourself a gift of time and happiness and get new energy in Wellness Centre or Etani Wellness Point Tatralandia. Treat yourself to perfect relaxation and tranquillity.

Take advantage of Wellness Center or Etani Wellness Point where you can also enjoy various procedures or healing wraps in addition to massages. Or try the healing power of Garra Ruffa fish without visiting the waterpark.

Treat yourself to a classic or sweet honey massage or pamper your senses with various aromatic massages. Our Wellness Centre also offers facial masks, peels or wraps - try the peat and mud wrap with anti-cellulite effect or the special coffee-coconut whole body peeling.

Try the healing power of Garra Ruffa fish in Etani Wellness Point, pumper your body fragrant and beneficial wraps.

For more information about Wellness Center and Etani Wellness Point HERE

You can book your massage through the Tatralandia Infocentre or directly through the Wellness Centre. 

Wellness & Spa Tatralandia

Take time for yourself and get new stamina. Massages and procedures in Wellness Centre and Etani Wellness Point provide you with the genuine relaxation.