Summer Battle Opening 2019

The first Saturday of June will be all about water sports, music performances, great fun and summer season opening.


Welcome the summer season in Tatralandia at a majestic summer opening event on Saturday 29.6.2019.


Begin the summer with a great performance of Saxana and DJ Shype at 12:00noon, presenter Valér Ferko and young actors of the Oteckovia (Fathers) TV series on 1:00pm and Sima concert at 2:00pm.

All skis are well-stored and waiting for the next winter season, and now it´s time to enjoy water amusement. The programme will be as colourful as our water slides! And the newest ones - 4 Family and Delphin will be available for an official water slide race that you can join with your friends. Speed, style, crazy tricks and acoustic effects are the categories that will be evaluated by a professional jury.

The Summer battle is going to be launched by saxophonist Saxana and DJ Shype on Saturday 12:00noon. World-famous hits will be played in a saxophone-version so get ready for a breathtaking show. Presenter Valér Ferko is going to welcome young stars of the Oteckovia (Fathers) TV series at 1:00pm and start the water slide race together with them. Your ears will love the songs of Slovak singer Sima at 2:00pm.

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Summer Battle Opening 2019



The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic.

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