Aquaracing Tatralandia

The water sliding world championships are back.
 Come and win 1st place and great prizes on 1, 4, 8 or 11. 5. 2019.

Aquaracing – the crazy water sliding championships will come back to Tatralandia for the third time in Mai. We´ll experience an exciting competition, an attractive programme with special guests and dynamic animations. 

Any visitor can enter Aquaracing, either small one or adult. Competition teams are divided into two categories:

  • Family (child + an adult person)
  • Adults (2 people)

 We´ll compete on the Boomerang water slide, so get ready for high speed. The couples´ task is to surmount the legendary Boomerang tower as fast as possible. First three teams will get valuable prizes and stand on a winners´ podium.

In addition to the competition, you will be entertained by animators and their creative animations from 27.4. to 12.5.2019. You´ll meet them in the morning and in the afternoon you will enjoy the exercise in a pool. Children can take part in aquaracing taking place in the children´s zone as well as barrel rolling or a sack race. Then they can enjoy a mini disco, and finally another aquagym for everyone. Each competition day will be different and from 18:00 there will be special guests for you. 1.5.2019  - a performance by vibrant Adiss and Šorty; 4.5.2019 – acrobatics and show jumping;  8.5.2019 – Juraj Barbarič, Slovak Hercules; and the last Aquaracing will be finished on 11.5.2019. 

This is not the end of fun – also summer water slides Boomerang, Trio, Niagara, Banana Fun and Black Magic will be open during Aquaracing. Besides the sports programme you can enjoy swimming in thermal, fresh and sea water under the palm trees, water sliding, surfing as well as tropical drinks inside a pool.  And after the good sports performance indulge your body and soul with relaxation in the Celtic Sauna World or a massage.

The registration will take place on the day of the event. The number of competition couples is limited so don´t wait any longer. 

We are looking forward to your sports performance!


Aquaracing 2019 - Photo

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