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Parties, events, pubs – all that is mega, cool and very fun. Probably, I´m not alone, who has a feeling, that there is a lot of strange names and American style entertainment in our country. And various imported feasts which older people haven´t heard of before.  I and my grandchildren, however, took a fancy to one of them so much so that we will have to travel for it for the third time. To Tatralandia again.

Perfect wedding

I must admit, it was a fight two years ago. My three grandsons had learned that there would be a great celebration in Liptov during summer holidays. Their favourite water park should have been the place of an untraditional wedding of two quite strange Mexican creatures – Conchita and Pedro skeletons. Well, I told to myself, it´s another event which I can miss. But sometimes you cannot say „no“ to children, and under fire of pleas and promises I finally nodded. With worries and doubts. Even bigger surprise was waiting for me when we, as wedding guests, „swam“ into a wonderfully decorated water cathedral. Colourful fabrics, fun decorations and resourceful works of art by Jaroslav Čech changed the favourite water park into a gallery full of experiences. Suddenly, water pleasures became more solemn in size and we were looking forward to the main programme.

Christening a year later

There were a number of courses served at the wedding of two ridiculous skeletons and their guests. One tastier than the other. Each of them took place in a different spot full of energy, humour, music and dance. In a word, a perfect wedding party. Both small-ones and grown-ups had a nice time.  I found out that Halloween in this form had amused me, and when it´s enriched by a piece of art and a bit of fantasy, this flat feast can be made an interesting attraction. Not surprisingly, we couldn´t miss the second series without persuading me and any worries. A year later, the son Raffaelito was born to the skeletons and we were invited to his christening to Tatralandia where a group of interesting creatures met again. No wonder, they could enjoy the Halloween atmosphere and decorations from September almost until Christmas with other visitors.

Raffaelito goes to school


You´ll not believe it. I didn´t wait until my grandchildren ask me to visit the water park this year. It was me to suggest them to make another trip and visit the Mexican family. Raffaelito has grown up and he is going to go to Fantasy School. I have studied in advance that the tuition would be untraditional. Primarily, we´ll learn something new about the stable decorations at IQ points at Tatralandia, and then there is also a demonstration of some natural phenomena at IQ attractions, again in an untraditional way. Just say, where in the world we could play in one place with Dragon or Spider cubes, make combinations at the Tic-Tac-Toe castle, sing with Siren, rotate Three-headed dragon scales, put on chemist´s gloves at the Chemistry Laboratory or watch how the Skeleton´s Chair works?

Record book at Tatralandia

If I surprise my grandchildren by a new children´s game combined with a competition, I´ll be the best grandpa in the Universe. Children can win great prizes; they´re just supposed to circle the correct answers to four questions from four beautifully unreal subjects: Skeletonuage, Hocus-Pocus, Natureology and Body-Practice. I´m looking forward to my little duckies what faces they will make when they get a game plan in the shape of record book and get marks. It´s a quite useful document because it contains a map of attractions and IQ points as well as information on the competition and a restaurant discount coupon. Children can take the record book home or show it in their classroom. Oh, and there is also the almighty internet where you can compete and win prizes too – just one click and the whole family can go swimming. I´m putting it down and just now I´m following Tatralandia´s Facebook and Instagram.

Fantasy without limits

Tatralandia itself in autumn is a place as if it was from another world – colourful, full of dreams, fun, and even rich animations at weekends. And with possibility to relax in Tropical Paradise under palm trees, have fun on water slidessurfs or swim in a number of pools it´s very easy to decide where to spend your holiday with children. But we need more, and thus we have a clear aim for the third day in November – to accompany Raffaelito to Fantasy School and enjoy the unforgettable adventure with him. In the morning we´ll devote ourselves to Fantasy School and in the afternoon we´ll have fun because – the Halloween school will be full of spooks and skeletons, crazy teachers, and cheerful creative workshops. We´ll also meet an unforgettable schoolkeeper, listen to music and sing songs. Who would miss it, especially, when this parade is without any surcharge and is included in admission?


Fortunately, the proposal was accepted without objections, and another trip with grandpa is out of the woods. Oh, it should be my grandchildren who would persuade me about another trip. Never mind. The most important thing is that we´ll have fun again.

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