Wellness packs

Relax and treat your body to the beneficial effects of wellness packs in Tatralandia.

Anti-Cellulite Dead Sea Mud Wrap

Tightening wrap containing Dead Sea minerals soothes, cleanses and regenerates the skin. It has beneficial effects on skin diseases, mainly psoriasis, acne and eczema. It helps with pain in joints, muscles, has anti-rheumatic effects, stimulates blood circulation and fights cellulite.

Body partTimePrice
back20 min.14 €
body30 min.20 €

Peat or Mud Wrap

Peat / Mud wraps relax the whole body and deliver minerals to it through your skin. In addition to giving new energy, it helps you heal eczemas and fight cellulite. It has favourable effects on muscles and joints as well as regenerates skin cells. Immunity will be supported by a great deal of nutrients, natural trace elements and minerals.

20 min.14 €

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