Welcome to Surf Waves Tatralandia

Are you attracted to the ocean and the feeling of freedom? Surfing the Tatralandia waves will transfer you to Waikiki.

What does Surf Waves mean?

An indoor surf simulator utilises special artificial wave technology that produces waves similar to those in the ocean. Constant flow of water driven by a water speed of up to 70 km/hour in combination with curvature of a surface create ideal conditions for surfing the board that can glide across the surface. There are four lanes in the Surf Waves extended over an area of 68 m2.

When visiting the Surf Zone, you´ll be accompanied by an experienced instructor all your time spent on the wave. You´ll be provided with introductory instructions to learn all the necessary information, including how to carry and manipulate the surfboard, and so to enjoy your surfing as much as possible.

And hurray for the wave!!!

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Surf Waves Tatralandia

Aloha! If you dream of enjoying wild waves and adrenalin adventures, don´t travel far away. Surf in Tatralandia!

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