Come and try what it means to catch the wave. Try surfing standing-up in Tatralandia water park.

When surfing, you can try to balance on a real surfboard and enjoy the indoor stand-up surfing – flowboarding. You´re becoming a real surfer. The basis is to move from side to side within the space. Surfing on the flowboard is suitable for everyone aged over 6.

When flowboarding, it is crucial to place one foot forward on the board while working with knees. The front foot should be at the front or in the middle of the flowboard, while the back foot should be about three inches from the edge. The key difference between flowboarding and standard surfing lies in techniques used by surfers to maintain balance. When surfing, the body weight is placed on the front leg. When flowboarding, the pressure on the back leg is important. Instructors will make you feel safe so that they use a special rope.

Many tricks that are part of the flowboarding are inspired by skateboarding and wakeboarding. Surfers are able to perform various manoeuvres that differ in difficulty, such as slope, rotational changes (90°, 180°, 360°), variations, kick-flips and much more.