You´ll find out that surfing the wave is great fun for both the children over 6 and adults.

Would you like to try surfing but have not enough courage to stand up on a board? Are you older than 6? Give bodyboarding the chance. Finally, you´ll learn that you can have more fun and try great tricks laying on the board. Bodyboarding requires a shorter board than stand-up surfing - flowboarding. You can try different positions. You can lie, knee or sit on the board. With bodyboarding, surfers use legs, elbows and lean the whole body to control the bodyboard. Their hands are placed on the edge of the board.

The modern form of this sport emerged in the 1970s when a surfer, musician and engineer in one person Tom Morey came up with the first large-scale production of boards for bodyboarding. The original board came from Hawaii and was called "PAIPO". It was made of wood. Today's modern products are made from various combinations of anti-skid polypropylene material.