Surf Waves Tatralandia tickets

Try surfing on the surf waves of Tatralandia! Buy a special surf ticket and surf also without using the water park.

Surfing WITHOUT using the water park

Would you like to surf, yet without entry to water park? It´s also possible with us. 

  • Park your car in reserved parking places for surfers
  • You´ll be served at a special ticket office – Infocentre, where you´ll buy a ticket to Surf Waves Tatralandia (if you have a season ticket, just show the proof) and you´ll be headed to changing rooms.
  • Go through the water park to get comfortably to Surf Zone, where experienced instructors will take care of you.
  • If interested in 60 min. surfing, remember to book it at Infocentre or by phone/email for the specific time.
  • Upon you arrival to Tatralandia, you can buy nett time to the Surf Zone. Clients without entry to the water park will get 30 min. more to move to and from the zone, change their clothes and take a shower.

Surfing WITH using the water park

Užívajte si surfovanie priamo počas pobytu v aquaparku cez vstup do Surf zóny.

  • Enter the Surf Zone, where a professional instructor will be waiting for you to provide you with quality and fun. 
  • Surf without limits. You can comfortably extend your 30 minute surfing. A surcharge will be automatically added to your chip for every 30 minutes. Thus you can enjoy your time to the fullest and without worries.
  • You´ll pay at ticket offices when leaving the water park. Our guests will pay when checking-out at the hotel reception.
  • Don´t worry if you forgot your swimwear. You can choose from a wide assortment in Aqua Motion shops in the resort.
  • When surfing, we recommend, that women take on T-shirt, in addition to swimwear.

Watch out!

The experience may be so intense that you don´t want to leave.

Enjoy your surfing with your family and friends!
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