Tropical Paradise Tatralandia

A wooden ship, which wrecked on a rock. New true corals, shells and colourful fish next to it..


A wooden ship, which wrecked on a rock. New true corals, shells and colourful fish next to it. Tall palm trees on the shore, and relaxation on comfortable lounges in the shadow... Did you have a strong desire to exchange the atmosphere of common days for the heat on the beach? Nothing impossible, a little is enough and you are in the tropical paradise. The foyer of the Tropical Paradise is marked by the tropical world. You walk along the replicas of old buildings typical for Africa and colonial world rising out of the jungle. The path leads to the shipwreck broken down by the rock cliff.

The Tropical Paradise is divided into two parts by the ship. On the left side there is a water world of four pools. They are linked by the water therapy – lounges, jets, each of them massaging another part of your body. And into the bargain, foot massage and water relaxation journey have been added. Two pools are available for visitors with crystal clear water, another two even with seawater, heated to comfortable 34-36 degrees. Salt melted in the water contains 32 chemical compounds, which have beneficial and relaxation effects on the whole body. And thus you can enjoy the therapy by the sea (Thalassotherapy) even in Liptov anytime throughout the year.

In the middle of the four pools, there is a Barbados bar. Original mixed drinks you can indulge yourself directly in the water or on the shore. Snorkelling is another new attraction. The rock, on which the ship wrecked, will reveal its submarine secrets in a special pool. Young explorers can circumnavigate it and submerge looking for shells shielding a pearl or find the pirate treasure. The greatest experience of them, however, provides insight into the true coral reef and its inhabitants - sea flowers and colourful fish living in their own world of aquarium with six cubic meters of seawater.

You can recover and get new stamina for next expeditions to Caribbean fauna or just to take a nap in the shadow of true palm trees on one of the hundreds of comfortable lounges in the relaxing area of the Tropical Paradise. Thanks to the unique roof foil you can get sunburned even in winter at the constant inside temperature of 30°C. A rich selection of Caribbean specialties and beverages is offered by a restaurant Paradiso. All this fit comfortably into the Tropical Paradise, indeed, it´s area is about 400 m2 larger than a football pitch. The shell, which it is similar to, is only a part of what is waiting for the visitors of Tatralandia throughout the year...

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