A holiday for families with children

WOOOW summer at Tatralandia, the best price entries for the whole family at www.gopass.sk, and children under 6 for free. 


Where to go with your family or children? Of course, to Tatralandia. Because our tropical paradise is an ideal place to spend summer full of fun and adventure.

Parents and their offspring will enjoy their day to the fullest in our indoor and outdoor pools. And if you like living life on the edge and an increased level of adrenaline, try one of our 28 water slides. But the craziest ride is waiting for the whole family on the biggest water slides far and wide Delphine and 4Family. Would you like more adrenaline? So jump up onto a surfboard and try the Surf Waves Tatralandia wild waves. Furthermore, animations with Tatralandia mascots Tajo and Taja will entertain us during the day.  And a silent and peaceful place was prepared for the smallest ones accompanied by their parents or family members. 

Tatralandia resort map 

Well, now you have an idea where to spend the summer with your family, haven´t you? Just go further and make sure, you won´t be bored with us.

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Pools for children and adults

Enjoy real relaxation and fun in outdoor and indoor pools with salt, thermal and fresh water. Of course, we didn´t forget the children who will not be bored in the children's pool located in the Karibik hall or in the Amazonia outdoor children´s pool.

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Water slides and tubes for children 

Tatralandia is a water slide paradise. You can find there 28. The newest water slides Delphin and 4 Family are massive. But you´ll certainly enjoy your ride on each of those 28 water slides. If accompanied by an adult, children above 90 cm are also allowed to ride the water slides.

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Free entry for children under 6   

Free entry for the smallest ones. All children under 6 have free access to the Tatralandia water park. Make your offspring happy and take them to Tatralandia. You won´t be bored with us for sure. 

Baby Silent Zone


Upstairs the Tropical Paradise you can find a silent and intimate Baby Silent Zone → available to children aged 0 to 3.   Parents with our smallest visitors will find there space for hygiene, relaxation and feeding during the day full of fun.

Children´s corner 

On the Karibik´s second floor, there is a children´s corner above the children´s Pool of Pirates, where children aged 3 – 12 can have endless fun under the supervision of their parents. Tiki Bar, which is close to the children´s corner, is available to parents offering them a wide selection of drinks.    

For the smallest ones   

We also thought of the smallest ones and therefore several baby changing tables have been placed in the resort, as well as entries for families with trolleys. And so you can comfortably move through the resort with your trolleys.  


Activities at Tatralandia are full of fantasy and energy. They are not meant only for kids but also for their parents and grandparents. All family members can have fun, dance and exercise with our cheerful animators – this is the best atmosphere with positive energy.

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Accommodation just a few steps from Tatralandia

Accommodation on the doorstep of Tatralandia is offered in cosy cottages of Holiday Village Tatralandia The village guests can enter the water park without limits. The complex features kid´s playgrounds, a tennis court, a basketball court, bowling, table football, a 5D cinema and much more. 

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Find the spot

Make a virtual tour around the aqua-park of Tatralandia. Pools, water slides, shops and much more. Discover new adventures with our interactive map of the resort.


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