Celtic sauna world

Celtic Sauna World is a unique complex of 21 steams, water and massage baths, saunas and procedures.

Celtic Sauna World is a unique complex of 21 steams, water and massage baths, saunas and procedures. It is able to activate all human senses and this way to regenerate and relieve the whole body. Only the Sauna World brings the pleasure of water (hydrotherapy), inspiring scents (aromatherapy), music (music therapy), and warmth – all this for health strengthening and beauty.
If we want our children to be healthy, we should teach them from an early age to go to the sauna - learn more in the Celtic Saunas World for Children section →

The Sauna World is situated on the ground floor of the Aquapark Tatralandia´ s building. It is possible to enter the Celtic saunas without entering the aquapark.


In case of purchasing a 3-hour ticket in the off season, your time will be stopped during massages, baths, wraps and other procedures, and it will be restarted again after their finishing.

Saunas, water, steam and massage baths are a source of juvenility. They consist in alternating stay in a hot and warm environment, and final cooling in cold water. First of all they have a great preventive effect. In a short time the regular stay in sauna helps to create resistance to viral respiratory diseases, relieves the body and soul, and nervous tension as well as it brings physical and mental relaxation, and helps to recover energy.

Individual procedures in the Celtic Sauna World are taken without swimsuits (our balneo sheets will be prepared for your convenience during your visit).

Don´t visit the Sauna World on an empty stomach nor with full stomach, and drink liquid during the procedures (Water of Life is available to you). Alternate hot and cold procedures and after the each hot procedure cool yourself down properly.
The Sauna World is not recommended to people suffering from claustrophobia, chronic diseases, heart diseases, and those prone to bleeding.

Návštevný poriadok v saunách

Jednotlivé procedúry v Keltskom saunovom svete sa absolvujú bez plaviek (pri návšteve budete mať k dispozícii naše balneo plachty). Nechoďte do saunového sveta nalačno, ale ani príliš nasýtený a tekutiny dopĺňajte i počas procedúr (Voda života je vám k dispozícii). Striedajte horúce a studené procedúry, po každej horúcej procedúre sa dôkladne ochlaďte. Návšteva saunového sveta sa neodporúča ľuďom so strachom z uzavretého priestoru, ľuďom trpiacim chronickými ochoreniami, so srdcovou chorobou, náchylným na krvácanie. 

Prečítajte si celý návštevný poriadok aquaparku Tatralandia →

Bio sauna


It is BIO in every sense of the word. Exclusively natural wooden material impregnated with beeswax are used for the production of the  BIO sauna which will be salt-free and without built-in infrared emitters inside. The outdoor BIO sauna is placed on a pebble patio at the Tropical Paradise from which visitors can get to the Vital World through a newly built passage with a lift in. Also a whirlpool with salt water and a cooling pool with a unique view of the Low Tatras is arise next to the children´s sauna.

  • Time: 20 min
  • Temperature: 40 - 60 ° C
  • Humidity: 20 %

Tatra Sauna


Dry (Finnish) sauna

Warm up your body with the help of a hyperthermic procedure where heat stimulations alternate (Finnish sauna and refreshing ice). In our Tatra Sauna the classical treatment effect is enriched with minerals of Tatra Mountain rocks, which are released into the air after being moistened, and thus they have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system.

  • Health benefits: A visit in Tatra Sauna and the following body cooling stimulate the immune system, help relieve stress, deep cleanse the skin, improve the quality of sleep, enhance blood circulation, reduce pain, fatigue, muscles, tendons and joints.
  • Time: 15 min
  • Temperature: 60-80 °C
  • Humidity: 25-35 %

Well of Courage

Ak túžite uhasiť oheň vášho tela, naberte odvahu a ponorte sa do chladnej vody pod šírym nebom. Okrem sily, ktorá vami prejde, pocítite aj prekrvenie každej časti vášho tela. Posilňuje imunitný systém, otužuje telo a prispieva k jeho prekrveniu.

  • Teplota: 15 °C

Sunny bath - whirpool

It combines several positive effects of the individual components, which are then hand in hand provides you with best relaxation. Hydrotherapy - strengthens blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, releases muscles and stimulates the immune system. It is beneficial for the human psyche, removes tension, anxiety and depression. It increases the body's defence system, creates a feeling of euphoria, relaxation and peace, and stimulates the production of endorphins, which helps in relieving from pain and fatigue. The whirlpool is unique for salt water.

  • Temperature: 36-38 °C

Tatra Lake

If you desire to extinguish the fire in your body, take courage and plunge into water. In addition to the power you will feel, every part of your body will be properly perfused. 

  • Health benefits: The procedure strengthens the immune system, hardens the body, and contributes to better blood circulation.
  • Temperature: 15-30 °C

Salt Cave

The salt cave lined with Himalayan salt represents perfect symbiosis of stone, wood and metal. The sauna stove, which is embedded in the cave, increases the temperature inside to 48 ˚C. This temperature releases salt, which is enhanced by the injected natural essence of cardamom and vanilla. Salt has beneficial effect on the immune system, helps with colds, and reduces stress and tension. Its effect is comparable to the effect in seaside destinations. This type of salt sauna is unique in Slovakia and even in Central Europe.  

  • Time: 20 min
  • Temperature: 44 °C
  • Humidity: 50%

[Translate to English:] Keltské oppidum

Relaxation after taking a sauna returns your body to the normal temperature. And therefore there was created a relaxation tepidarium next to the salt cave, with anatomically shaped deckchairs embedded in the Celtic oppidum. The Celtic atmosphere is complemented by eternal fire burning in the fireplace which, in the past, accompanied Celts during their feasts and battles. Discover the power of positive thinking and intense silence.

  • Time: unlimited
  • Temperature: 30 ° C
  • Humidity: 40%

Energy of Light

Positive energy of light for beauty, young look and silky skin
Through the medium of infrared rays, the warm of the sun is coming to us. Electrically generated heat, used in infrared cabins, is in touch with our body through the same rays. Just relax and allow the infrared rays to have beneficial effects to your body. Your body, under the influence of heat, activates its cooling system, which increases the heart rate and thus improves the blood circulation of your skin – the skin becomes brighter. The blood flow initiates sweat glands and thus poisons (alcohol, nicotine, sodium) and toxins and cholesterol deposits are released from your body.
Drink plenty of water before and after treatment. If you take a shower before using saunas, sweating is intesified.

Health benefits: Infrared sauna helps to reduce pain, stress, improve expansibility of tissue, helps with rheumatism of joints, relieves chronic pain, improves blood circulation, removes cellulite, strengthens the immune system,  removes toxins from the body, breaks down fat tissue without adverse effects on the human organism, reduces inflammatory joint diseases, and internal organs.

  • Time: 15 min
  • Temperature: 44-55 ° C
  • Humidity: 20%

Salt sauna

Salt inhalation
Salt inhalation means „health“. It has beneficial effects especially on skin. It provides natural peeling to your skin and enhances its blood circulation. Salt inhalation is suitable for allergies, cold, and respiratory system diseases as well as for detoxification of the organism. Just relax and let the salt exhalations and pleasant relaxation music to affect your senses.

Only in a Salt Sauna you can use sea salt peeling

  • Health benefits: Salt therapy has beneficial effects on blood circulation in your skin, and helps with upper respiratory tract diseases and body detoxification.
  • Time: 15 min
  • Temperature: 45 °C
  • Humidity: 100 %

Steam Boiler

Steam inhalation
Wrap yourself in fantastic fragrances of eucalypt, menthol and peppermint. A steam sauna with natural cleansing essences significantly boosts your immune system, relieves stress and tightens the skin. It affects widening of blood vessels. The pleasant salt bath is great for your feet to be relaxed, too.

  • Health benefits: A visit in this part of the Sauna World results in significant and effective opening of pores and following elimination of metabolites and toxins from blood and fatty tissues through sweat glands.
  • Time: 15-20 min
  • Temperature: 45 °C
  • Humidity: 100 %

Gold Mine Tunnel

Between particular phases spending in the sauna and after them take a relaxing break in leisure facilities of the Sauna World with a pleasant temperature. Tepidarium with relaxing music is designed to warm up your body mildly and offers sufficient time and space for your thoughts to be spread and for your body to be absolutely relaxed.   

  • Health benefits: A stay in the tepidarium helps to enhance mental stimulation and eliminate stress.
  • Time: 20 min
  • Temperature: 30 °C
  • Humidity: 50 %

Liptovská sauna

A stay in sanarium has beneficial effects to your organism and helps to recover lost energy. Right here, 5 different types of sauna therapies are in touch: a sauna bath in alternation with a warm air bath with higher humidity of air, and finally a spring bath. The relaxation is enhanced by a game of various colours and lights.

  • Health benefits: Sanarium will regenerate your body, enhance the resistance to stress, cold and improve blood flow in your skin. It helps patients with high blood pressure and strengthens the immune system.
  • Time: 5 min
  • Temperature: 105 °C
  • Humidity: 20%

Astral Bath

Discover the mystery of little bubbles which stroke every inch of your skin. Thanks to the micro-massage, better blood circulation and muscle relaxation of your body is achieved.

  • Health benefits: The whirlpool bath relieves locomotive organs, regenerates muscles and improves blood flow in the skin. It supports metabolism, bowel function, enhances oxygen absorption into the skin and alleviates sleep disorder.
  • Time: 10 min
  • Temperature: 37 °C

Fire and Ice

Water journey
Kneipp foot bath is a balm for your tired feet. Walk around several times and let the cold and warm water to perfuse your feet and stimulate the blood flow. The bottom of pools created with pebbles massage the soles of your feet.

  • Health benefits: Stimulation of blood circulation in your feet and the whole body and reflex constriction of cerebral blood vessels.
  • Time: 3 rounds
  • Temperature: 12 °C / 38 °C

Water of Life

Drinking water
The spring is a place where you can replace lost liquids and preserve the balance in your body. Here you can feel the power of pure water, its taste and beneficial effects on your body.

  • Health benefits: After finishing the hot procedures the lost amount of water in your body is replaced, the balance of your body is preserved and your blood circulation is improved.
  • Temperature: 12 °C

Tatra Ice

Heated body is quickly cooled by crushed ice in a well. You will feel the ice on your body melting in water, which was originated from. Freezing beauty has a beneficial effect on your blood circulation and reduces heart rate.

  • Health benefits: The cooling process stimulates the immune system in your body and increases the number of red and white blood cells with positive effects on blood circulation.

Ice Jump

Cooling pool
If you desire to extinguish the fire in your body, take courage and plunge into ice water. In addition to the power you will feel, every part of your body will be properly perfused. For those of you who do not have the courage to dive into the icy pool, an ice bucket is prepared.

  • Health benefits: The procedure strengthens the immune system, hardens the body, and contributes to better blood circulation.
  • Temperature: 9-12 °C

Icy Bucket

Cooling water stream
Everyone trying out the strength of freezing touch of icy drops, will discover the indescribable feeling, this cooling method offers.

  • Health benefits: Massive stimulation of the immune system.
  • Temperature: 9 - 12 oC

Storm of Gods

Massage shower
Relaxing and refreshing is the stream of water that strokes your skin and improves blood circulation. Inch by inch rub your entire body.

  • Health benefits: It has beneficial effects on blood circulation. In addition, it also helps against cellulite.
  • Temperature: 12 / 25 / 35 °C

Summer Rain

Massage shower
Enjoy the fresh touches of summer rain drops. Their strength and energy will stimulate your body and refresh your spirit, just as the occasional summer rain.

  • Health benefits: A massage showerhead has a relaxing effect. It is suitable for the physical and mental strain of the organism.
  • Temperature: 12 / 25 / 35 °C


Ideal place for taking a rest while listening to relaxation music. Give your thoughts the space and let them flow. Relax between the procedures on heated lounges and deckchairs.

  • Health benefits: Relieving atmosphere allows you to forget everyday worries, reduces stress and is a great illness prevention.
  • Time: 20 min
  • Temperature: 37 °C
  • Humidity: 60 %

Year-round pools

Lots of water and refreshment in ten pools of Tatralandia which are opened all year round.