Atraction in Tatrapolis

Free Children´s attractions are a big allurement for children and adults and are included in the price of admission



Motodrome is a popular family attraction for all age groups found at Tatrapolis. Have fun during your special ride in fast cars crashing into opponents and riding over an area of 20.0 x 10.0 m.
Maximum safety is a certainty even in strong collisions.
The capacity of the Motodrome is 12 cars, 1 car / 2 people, 24 people in total. Input power: 380 V.


Water shot

Enjoy the real water shot only at Tatrapolis! A 8.5 m high mining tower is intended only for entertainment - mine carts will take you up to the top of the tower, you´re then discharged at a high speed and catapulted directly to a nearby lake. Don´t you feel like trying the Water Shot by yourself? Come to Tatrapolis and enjoy the attraction and a true dose of adrenaline.

Children carousel

Recognize the charm of a classic chain carousel which also offers fun for the smallest ones. The children´s chain carousel is dedicated to children over 3 years of age. The capacity is 10 seats. 

Tatrapolis Expres

Set out on an adventurous and educational excursion over the world. You´ll be taken to a miniature park by Tatrapolis Express train. You can discover special versions of famous buildings from all over the world in a few minutes. Just get on the train and enjoy the world beauty.  

Confused Boats  

Confused Boats - a popular children´s attraction at Tatrapolis bring genuine water fun even to the smallest ones. Get on your boat and devote your time to crazy water fun. The attraction is dedicated to children aged over 3.  

Mirror Labirinth

It´s a labyrinth which brings children and adults another dimension of entertainment.  Find your way out of the labyrinth which isn´t easy at all. Or take part in a competition – Who passes through the Mirror Labyrinth in the shortest time possible?

World´s famous building

Original connection of blacksmithing art and passion for travel which resulted in an untraditional kind of children´s amusement park.