Surf Waves Tatralandia

Are you attracted to the ocean, waves, surfing? You can enjoy wild waves even in the region of Liptov, thanks to a complex with an indoor simulator in the Tatralandia water park.


And what does 
Surf Waves Tatralandia
 actually mean? 

Choose from a wide selection of entries to Surf Waves Tatralandia:

Bodyboarding is surfing on a belly which can be tried by anyone over 6 years of age.  

Stand-up surfing -flowboarding is suitable for adults and children over 6 years of age.

NEWS Surf Raft – surfing for the smallest ones from 4 years of age.

Find out the price and book your surfing date. It´s so simple!

Surf Nights take place each month for both beginners and experienced „surfers“.

Let´s go surfing only at €8 via

The most advantageous entries and discounts to Tatralandia with GoPass card.

Tropical Paradise Tatralandia

A wooden ship, which wrecked on a rock. New true corals, shells and colourful fish next to it...