Swimming pools in Tatralandia


Opened pools in Tatralandia 


Aquapark Tatralandia offers 14 pools (10 all-year-rounds) with salt water, thermal water and crystal clear water with a temperature up to 40°C. Children and adults can enjoy entertainment and relaxation in each season of the year. Due to its composition, the water in Tatralandia has healing effects on locomotive organs and respiratory system. Even in Liptov, you can indulge yourself each day of the year in healing effects of thalasso therapy (sea therapy) in pools with sea water in Tropical Paradise. Salt, melted in water actively affects the state of the central nervous system, improves blood circulation, causes no allergic reactions, improves skin condition, helps combat cellulite and excess weight, normalizes sleep, reduces fatigue, and has relaxation and disinfecting effects.