Tatralandia – Child of the Millennium

Tatralandia is already 15. Do you remember how it all began? No? Let´s remember together.

Tatralandia, 2014

In early summer 2018 we celebrated the water park´s 15th birthday. Do you remember your first day in the water park, your first water slide ride or first bathing? Only few of us know how it all began. So come back with us to the very beginning of Tatralandia and see how it has grown for the last 15 years.

From thermal springs to a water park

Without the unique Slovak nature, namely that below the Earth's surface, all-day entertainment in Tatralandia would only remain a courageous idea. For thousands of years, slow geological processes have been forming the foundation of Liptov Basin and created rich sources of mineral and thermal waters. Therefore, the idea of ​​developing a water park was born at the beginning of this century with the aim to use thermal water sources with its beneficial effects. And thus Tatralandia grew between the Western and Low Tatras.

First bathing

Tatralandia started to be developed in November 2002 and less than a year later the water park opened its gates for the first time at the beginning of summer holidays (in July 2003). At that time, Tatralandia was offering amusement in 6 pools and 6 water slides. There was an obstacle course in the pool with thermal water. A year later, visitors could already relax in the sauna world, and 9 water slides and 3 pools were added to the summer part of the water park. What´s more, a new accommodation area Holiday Village Tatralandia was built in the water park to give the feeling of home to visitors during their holiday spent in cosy cottages with a stunning view of the Western and Low Tatras.

In 2003; 2 year-round water slides and 4 summer water slides Tobogánia

Tatralandia – the crazy place

Tatralandia has always been an epicentre of all day amusement full of adrenaline, as witnessed by the rope centre, which once bordered our water park on one side. On the other side, Western City of Šiklův Mlýn was situated. Then 2005 arrived and brought new Bubble City summer inflatable attractions for children and water football for active sports fans.  Our visitors could enjoy a new kind of entertainment in addition to swimming, saunas or water slide riding.

In 2005; Western City Šiklův Mlýn, Rope Centre Tatralandia and Bubble City

... and we grow further

The year 2006 brought a new year-round hall Karibik which features a low-water pool for the youngest visitors and a relaxation pool with various water treatments for older ones. A new water slide tower with four year-round water slides „Bašta“ was built to the hall the next year. Wellness Paradise has also been added to the complex with a wide range of massages, wraps and other wellness procedures. A semi-closed water slide Tornado was the next one which complemented the four water slides in 2008. In its funnel it is able to take a photo of each brave rider, so you can have a smiling memory to take home.

In 2006; a part of Karibik with a children´s pool and a relaxation pool

In 2007; water slide tower Bašta and Wellness Paradise. In 2008; year-round water slide Tornado

Adrenaline is never enough


Our visitors could experience another unforgettable adrenaline experience in 2009 in an open water slide and its steep U ramp. Boomerang Raft Ramp, after a steep start, pushes "riders on a raft" to the other side of the U ramp and takes them back to the bottom part until they get back swinging to a landing pool. Boomerang Raft Ramp hadn´t been long alone. A year later another water slide was built next to it, a family water slide Trio still offering a circular ride on a rotating raft every time in a different direction. In 2011, our visitors were welcomed by new summer ticket offices and even this summer season they enabled faster entry to many visitors.

In 2009; summer water slide Boomerang Raft Ramp. In 2010; summer water slide Trio. In 2011; summer ticket offices

Tropical Paradise in Liptov

Tatralandia went through a major change at the turn of 2012 and 2013. Did you also notice? Yes, of course, it was during its 10th birthday and Tatralandia grew up a lot. A large covered hall Tropical Paradise was built, bringing the tropical atmosphere of remote exotic countries to the region of Liptov not just for its shell shape. Since then, we have a guaranteed temperature of 30°C all year round in Liptov and an opportunity to sunbath under the translucent roof. The tropics also include refreshing mixed drinks in the Barbados water bar. The bar divides the Tropical Paradise water surface into four pools - two with fresh water and two with salt water, whose salinity (salt content in water) is higher than in the Black Sea. And there is also a majestic pirate ship behind which small visitors can find a snorkelling pool - just put on diving goggles, immerse yourself and admire life under the sea. Did we mention tropical plants such as palm trees, coconut trees or banana trees? That´s the reason, why the hall was named Tropical Paradise.

In 2012-2013; Tropical Paradise was built

Construction continued

Like summer ticket offices, also the year-round entry hall went through reconstruction. The original round shape hall was replaced by a new modern extension with 9 ticket offices and an Infocentre. Etani Wellness Point was also launched with the Garra Rufa novelty, which is a Turkish pedicure using live fish. And that was not all for 2014.  A new summer Medrano Restaurant was opened and the sauna world was extended by a Bio sauna, a whirlpool and a cooling pool on a newly-built outdoor terrace, where visitors are comfortably transported by a personal lift.


In 2014; entry hall, Etani Wellness Point, Restaurant Medrano and an outdoor terrace with a sauna, whirlpool and cooling pool 

Babies will also enjoy their time and crazy men also love the wild waves

In order to get an unforgettable experience from Tatralandia, sports and adrenaline got a new dimension in 2015 in a form of the Hawaii complex with an opportunity to surf. First, visitors could try it with a mobile simulator, but a year later the year-round hall Surf Waves Tatralandia was built with an indoor surf simulator and 4 surf lanes. Real madness in water. But in order to provide good feeling for everyone, we decided to create the Baby Silent Zone in the same year, a quiet place with a kitchenette where parents can relax, feed their little ones or change their nappies in an intimate environment.

In 2015; Baby Silent Zone. In 2016; Launch of  the Surf Waves Tatralandia hall

Artists and animals on holidays in the water park

Tatralandia hosted a circus from the Czech Republic in 2016. There were wild animals, clowns and stuntmen three times a day in the water park. Of course, photo shooting with trained animals was a must. The circus tents was located in the area where two new water slides are now in place, which you have certainly heart about and perhaps tried out.

The most famous buildings in one place

Since 2017 visitors can admire metal miniatures of world famous buildings in the new amusement park Tatrapolis where a blacksmith craft and a passion of traveling dominate. This park is located in the area of a former western town and offers many attractions for both small ones and grown-ups. But entertainment in Tatrapolis does not end with blacksmithing and travelling. For two years there has been a festival of good food, entertainment and domestic customs - Liptovfest.

In 2017; Tatrapolis amusement park and Liptovfest


2018 boasts a MEGA attribute, because in July 2018 2 new MEGA water slides were opened, the largest in Europe - an adrenaline Delphin water slide and an interactive 4Family water slide. They are high as a 5 storey house and even have their own elevator for rafts. Thanks to it, the rafts are exported up to the tower and everyone has enough energy to lark in the pools and other 26 water slides.

In 2018; Mega water slides Delphin and 4Family

What a ride? 15 years passed like water. Actually, Tatralandia itself has grown since then so fast. That's why we want Tatralandia to continue growing and bringing joy and a lot of beautiful experiences to anyone who crosses its gates ... at least for the next 15 years :)

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