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Mt Chopok is a green oasis of the Low Tatra Mountains and an unforgettable destination for family trips during summer months. The mountain ridge, rising to 2,024 m and stretching over 100 km opens its arms to attract visitors for hiking along endless trails  Enjoy the summer, breathe the fresh mountain air and spend your time actively in the Low Tatras. 

Shorten your tour to Mt Chopok by modern cable cars  and set out for hikes or summer walks. At the price of the Chopok Package return ticket  you can be carried up  by 5 various cable cars to the opposite site of the mountain and back  to  admire the beauties of the regions Liptov  and  Horehronie   just in one day. A5 Krupová – Kosodrevina is a new chair lift which will start operating for the first time this summer, enabling visitors a comfortable journey by chair lifts from Krupová to Mt Chopok.    

The DRAKOPARK CHOPOK family game in the countryside will bring much fun during your cable car journey over the northern and southern hills of Mt Chopok.  Children with their parents will solve tasks closely related to the nature and the environment they are situated in. The tasks are placed on unique metal sculptures of little dragons. Children will get a free booklet including tasks and a map which are available at ticket offices and Infocentres.  Attractive prizes will be awarded children for three tasks solved. There is plenty of climbing units in Dragonpark as well as a fantastic metal sculpture of the Dragon Demián at Chopok  hiding a copper bell in its throat to fulfil your secret wishes. 

A souvenir from one of Tatry Motions shops will remind you of your fantastic day spent with your family. Favourite mountain carts will enable you to take a downhill ride from Mt Chopok along the trails of different difficulties . A trail on the southern side of Mt Chopok from Krupová to Kosodrevina is a novelty. Small ones will be attracted by a children’s bike zone with wooden obstacles at Záhradky even manageable by balance bikes or children´s bikes.  A bungee trampoline at Priehyba as well as Aquazorbing and Summer Tubing close to Happy End will provide perfect fun for both children and adults 

Restaurant Rotunda Chopok with a sunny terrace at an altitude of 2,004 m is a unique place with a panoramic view .There you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee, Slovak and world cuisine, excellent desserts and a wide scale of world rum. You can even have a comfortable stay and experience an unforgettable night under the stars overlooking the Tatra Mountains. Summer theme events will bring entertainment and romantic moments  Exceptional Dragon Nights offer untraditional evening journeys by cable cars and adventurous tasks not only for children. Don´t miss an extraordinary Sunset Dinner at Restaurant Rotunda on two dates. The Green Chopok event is an opportunity to clean the countryside.

Summer Events

15.7. 2017                         Dragon nights at Mt. Chopok

21.7.2017                          Sunset dinner

12.8.2017                          Dragon nights at Mt. Chopok

25.8.2017                          Sunset dinner

8.9.2017                            Green Mt. Chopok

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