valid: 15.6. - 17.9.2017

The Tatralandia season aquapass.

Enjoy the summer at the most advantageous prices online at

ONLINE price list via Gopass e-shop

 Fun Packet v  e-shop

Children aged 3 – not reached 6

Children aged 6 to not reached 12

Juniors, students, seniors


Family entry


1 day with GOPASS if purchased 0-3 days in advance14 €17 €20 €23 €55 €


1 day with GOPASS if purchased 4 and more days in advance12 €14 €17€19 €45 €Buy
Summer aquapass79 €79 €89 €99 €-Buy

Price list at the cash desk

Fun Packet Entry Children aged 3 – not reach 6Children aged 6 – not reach 12 Juniors,  Students, Seniors, DPAdultsFamily entry
All-day entry16 €19 €23 €26 €62 €
Entry after 4:00PM14 €17 €20 €23 €55 €
Gopass after 4:00 PM12 € + 40 points 15 € + 40 points18 € + 40 points21 € + 40 points-

Summer aquapass

89 € 89 €109 €119 €-

Surcharge to packets

ServiceWith GOPASS card Cash at the counter

Vital Packet adults and children over 12  
surcharge to Tropical Packet (3 hours)

7 € +  40 points9 €

Vital Packetchildren aged 6 – not reach 12 
surcharge to Tropical Packet (3 hodiny)

4 € + 40 points6 €
VIP Relax Room -39 €

Surfing XS (20 min.)

7 € +20 points8 €
Surfing XL (60 min.)20 € + 40 points22 €

Surfing XXL (60 min.) 

 Rental of a surf lane – 10 people max.
-90 €
Safe deposit box 2 € + 20 points4 €
Aromatic herbal massage 
(30 min.)
14 € + 30 points19 €
Prosecco Vital9 € + 90 points12 €

You can pay for admission to Aquapark and Celtic sauna world on your arrival at the cash desk using following vouchers: Edenred (Ticket Multi®, e-ticket, T. Compliments), Cadhoc (Cadhoc relax coupon, Cadhoc gift coupon, Cheque Vacances, Cheque Medical).

The Tatralandia season aquapass.

Enjoy the summer at the most advantageous prices online at

Explanations and warnings

  •  FUN PACKET 26 water slides, 14 pools (outdoor, indoor pools with salt, thermal and pure water) outdoor and indoor whirlpools, a locker, beach umbrellas, children´s attractions, parking.
  • VITAL PACKET surcharge to FUN PACKET. One-way admission to the Celtic Sauna World for a maximum of 3 hours. When exceeding the 3-hour time limit in the Celtic sauna world, another entry will be charged automatically. The Celtic sauna world is available only to people taller than 12 years – a swimsuitless zone. *Admission to the sauna world for children aged over 6 years  is possible daily 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. They can stay in the sauna until 2:00 p.m.
  • AQUAPASS is issued in your name, not transferrable, and can be used only once a day (i.e. per admission per person per day) at Aquapark Tatralandia or  Besenova, without a commitment to use it in consecutive days. Gopass is the carrier for an all season AQUAPASS SUMMER 2017.  It is only valid with an identification card, and may be confiscated without any compensation in case of improper use by different person. Aquapass holders  have the possibility to purchase a Vital Packet entry just at 4€. The special price is valid every day during the period the aquapass has been issued for.
  • Family entry applies to FUN PACKET admission for a group consisting of two adults and one child to not reach 12 years of age. Every other child to not reach 12 years of age for a surcharge of €8 per child to a maximum of 4 children. The family entry does not apply to B and C type tickets, season tickets, Club & Aqua & Money cards. The family entry cannot be combined with other discounts and benefits.
  • Group discount on FUN PACKET admission - a 5 % discount applies to a group of minimum of 20 people; a 15 % discount applies to a group of minimum of 40 people having announced their arrival at least 7 days in advance as well as for a group of people arriving by one bus. Each 21st person in the group FOR FREE.
  • Taxi - when using exclusive taxi service for the TATRALANDIA HOLIDAY RESORT the journey between Tatralandia and the town of Liptovský Mikuláš will cost €4 (€4 if taking an 8-seat car). Call us at +421 915 262 928.
  •  SD: Severely disabled people (SD) are charged with the same fee as for Juniors, Students and Seniors. People accompanying severely disabled are charged the same fee as for Juniors, Students and Seniors. Holders of disabled person (DP) cards are not eligible for the discounts on products purchased via GOPASS E-SHOP under the GOPASS General Terms and Conditions.
  • Junior – a child aged 12 - not reach 18 years – valid ID or DOB required. 
  • A student - person older than 18 years until the day before his / her 26th birthday and holders of ISIC, ITIC, EURO26, GO26 cards. To claim for the discount, a client is required to submit the ISIC, ITIC, EURO26, or GO26 card.
  • Reservation via
  • A €70 fine for losing the chip inside the area.
  • A €4 surcharge to a safe-deposit box per day.
  • Prosecco Vital - order a bottle of Prosecco to a whirlpool in the Celtic Sauna World – we offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic 
  • Dressing gown - Dressing gown hire  - during your stay in aquapark at €4
  • Complete terms and conditions for discounts available at the cash desks.
  • It is impossible to combine and cumulate the discounts.
  • The prices are subject to change.
  • The prices include VAT.  
  • Children up to not reach  3 years of age for free.
  • Children under 12 years of age are allowed to enter accompanied by a person older than 18 years.
  • Admission to Aquapark Tatralandia and Celtic Sauna World is one-way admission.  
  • By purchasing an admission ticket you accept our Water Park Regulations.
  • Discounts on GOPASS cards are only valid to properly registered cards in compliance with General Terms and Conditions published on
  • A chip locker is not available for children under 12 years of age.