Halloween Tatralandia

15.9. - 23.12.2017

Unique Autumn at Tatralandia 

Halloween, the Christening of a Little Skeleton!

Magnificent christening

The celebration of the little skeleton´s birth, which is being prepared by the weird sisters all autumn, will be held in a great style - full of sweet goodies, gifts and music. According to an old Mexican custom, each one of weird sisters will give him a gift to predict his destiny.

What´s the little skeleton´s future?  Will he be Mexican Santana, mariachi, a dancer or an athlete?

Raffaellit's arrival to the world in full swim is celebrated by 4 Chileans - the senators Seňorita Vitalita, Seňorita Sunnita, Seňorita Libertita and Seňorita Cruelda.
And for each of them we bring you a short story.

Señorita Vitalita

Señorita Vitalita – is a fairy tale weird sister bringing the child joy to life and an optimistic attitude.  She is able to improve a mood anywhere she appears. She´s a messenger of good news and in Tatralandia she found the right place to spend the autumn. 

Señorita Sunnita

Señorita Sunnita – loves everyone and everything.  She´s a weird sister spreading love, peace and calm. She´s welcomed at children´s cradles, she´s beloved by anyone and anywhere.  A child rewarded by her has a loving and brave heart and empathic sentiment.   

Señorita Libertita

Señorita Libertita – she brings children wisdom, justice, and the desire for freedom. Either parents of the child or the two above mentioned weird sisters will be pleased by her gift. They´re a synchronized trio flying around the world. Libertita likes the surf wave the most, there she feels happy. 

Señorita Cruelda

Señorita Cruelda - is a bad weird sister, who can ruin every christening and nobody wants to invite her to the special celebration.  By her gift, on the day of christening, she makes the fates of people difficult. She loves dark colours, poisonous mushrooms and double-tongue snakes. 

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