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The Solox infra-red lamp uses beneficial effects of infra-red rays, which is infiltrated by the skin and are absorbed easier into the tissue of the body. This kind of light treatment is a part of the thermotherapy because the body, before the massage, is warmed up by the Solox, and thus becomes smoother and more flexible. The Solox is recommended mainly to people suffering from back pain, arthritis, chronic muscle and joint pains, colds, gynaecological disorders, as well as children with some types of skin diseases and disorders of urinary tract.



10 min.

4 €


Oxygen therapy is focused on inhalation of air enriched with 90% oxygen adequately moist. The therapy gives you a lot of energy and starts the healing process. This form of relaxation will help anyone who feels tired, has a lack of vitality and zest for life. Long-term administration of oxygen is improving resistance to physical stress, physical and mental performance, regulating stress tolerance and eliminating their consequences, improving physical and mental performance, and improving myocardial perfusion. It has a preventive effect on heart and brain attacks, supports brain metabolism, stabilizes blood circulation and improves the immune system. The oxygen therapy is particularly suitable for athletes, seniors as well as for executives or people exposed to high pressure.
With this procedure it is necessary to purchase a bag, oxygen mask and spectacles.



30 min.

6 €