Surf Nights are regular surf events. As they are very popular, we have been meeting every month. Surf Nights are meant for everybody – absolute beginners as well as top experts.

4 hours of surfing are enough to learn everything you haven´t managed during regular surf lessons. What´s more, you can do so at an unbeatable price! Surf from 08:00pm to 12:00 midnight with a professional instructor, fluid intake and a Caribbean pool at disposal if you feel like having a break and relaxing for a while.

How does it work?

  •  Register for a date you want to participate on.
  •  Wait to be informed if there are enough surfers registered to organise the Surf Night.
  •  Come at least 20 minutes before the Surf Night begins.
  •  Park in the car park area designated for surfers.
  •  Meet the rest of the group in the information centre at 07:45pm.
  •  Buy a ticket at 25€ in the information centre.
  •  Use changing rooms and lockers to store your clothes and personal items.
  •  Enjoy surfing!


*To organise a Surf Night, a minimum of 8 surfers must be registered.

Planned Surf Nights that are announced regularly also on our FB fun page:

15.7. 2017
12.8. 2017
16.9. 2017
14.10. 2017
11.11. 2017
16.12. 2017

Registration contact person: Peter Čerstvík
Phone no.: +421 915 834 608
Email address:

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