Infocentrum Tatralandia

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Introductory price

Price with Gopass points




First taste

12 €

8 €

7€ +20 points

8 €

no booking required


A professional on waves

24 €

19 €

17 €+40 points

19 €

no booking required


XS Surfing- First taste 

A surfing course for beginners. Enjoy a lesson with professionals during your first 20 minutes in the surf zone and learn proper bodyboarding basics with us.

XL Surfing – A profession on waves

Would you like to feel like a real surfer?
- Try bodyboarding and flowboarding in the surf zone during 60 minutes.
- A professional instructor will take care of you.
- There are spacious changing rooms with lockers included in the price, showers.
- If you come only to surf, there are special parking places prepared for you.
- Advance booking is not necessary. 
- Each ticket that you buy specifies the time you can spend in the surf zone. Extra 30 minutes are meant for changing your clothes and entering as well as leaving the zone.
Entry to the Surf Wave zone is always possible for an hour.

*Bodyboard = a special board which surfers lie on when surfing.
*Flowboard = a special board which surfers stand on when surfing.

Surfing for water park clients – surcharge to 1-day tickets or 3-hour tickets – advance booking is not necessary, the product is subject to availability.
Surfing for non-water park clients – no need to buy a water park ticket – advance booking is not necessary, the product is subject to availability.


Surf Waves Tatralandia


Are you attracted to exotic countries, sea, huge waves and surfing? You don´t need to travel far anymore.