Surf Waves Tatralandia


Are you attracted to exotic countries, sea, huge waves and surfing? You don´t need to travel far anymore.


Are you attracted to exotic countries, sea, huge waves and surfing? You don´t need to travel far anymore. Hawaii waves and surfing since this summer even at Tatralandia. In a new Hawaii complex you can try a year round novelty – surfing in waves on the famous Waikiki Beach or Maui - adrenaline either for professionals or beginners.  

You can try body boarding technique or stand up surfing as professionals. Everyone will be able to enjoy the feeling of freedom as a true surfer. A professional instructor, who will lead you through Surf Academy gradual lessons, is a part of Surf Waves Tatralandia. And thus you can become a true surfer over a short period of time.


The indoor surfing simulator uses special technology and an artificial river that produces waves similar to those in the ocean. A steady stream of water with the speed of 30 to 70 km/hrs combined with certain surface inclination creates ideal conditions for surf boards that can glide on the water surface. The inclination which increases the speed enables the surfers to try and repeat curves and enjoy various tricks. The Hawaii complex offers four lines on an area of 68 m2. Artificial surf waves offer a big advantage – one can learn how to surf in a safe environment that can be controlled, which makes this sport ideal for all age categories. The waves are accessible also for children from 6 years (min. 25 kg).


Once you enter the surf zone, you will be greeted by an experienced instructor who will be with you all the time when on the wave. You will get basic instructions and learn everything surfers need to know as for how to hold a surf board properly and how to manipulate with it so that you enjoy surfing to the fullest. And after that – let´s go surfing!!! You can begin by enjoying water “on your own skin”, i.e. on a bodyboard, which is a special board that surfers lie or sit on. In this phase, you will learn basic steps such as moving from side to side, surfing on the knees, jumps, turns. Once you complete this part, you can continue with balancing on a real surf board and enjoy indoor surfing in a standing position, i.e. the so called flowboarding. Flowboarding is thought in the form of 1-hour lessons. Now you can try what it means to catch a wave. And you will become a real surfer. Moving from side to side and to various directions is what flowboarding is based on. Your instructor can help you by using a special rope that will make you feel safer. Have you bought only a 20-minute-ticket but would you like to stay longer? There is no need to interrupt your course. Your chip can be topped up with another 20 minutes. And if you fall for surfing, you can buy the so called Surf academy, where you can perfect your skills. Or join one of our special Surf Nights.


Would you like to enjoy surfing without using the water park? No problem!

  • Park on the car park designated for surfers.
  • Use a special ticket office – INFORMATION CENTRE.
  •  Buy a Surf Waves Tatralandia ticket (or show your permanent pass) there and enjoy a unique experience.
  •  Each ticket specifies the time you can spend in the surf zone. Extra 30 minutes are meant for changing your clothes and entering as well as leaving the zone.
  • The information centre staff will show you where the changing rooms are so that you can change and put your clothes into a locker.
  •  Then walk through the area to the surf zone.
  • Trained instructors will take care of you there. But be careful! The experience can be so intensive that you might wish to stay longer!
  •  When leaving, you will have enough time for taking a shower and changing.



Stay only a few steps from Aquapark Tatralandia and enjoy a real tropical paradise in every season of the year. Holiday Village Tatralandia is formed of 155 cottages and suites which are ideal for a family holiday or a single trip all year round.


  •  Enjoy surfing while staying in the water park and enter the surf zone from the Hawaii complex. A professional instructor will be waiting for you there and guarantee top quality and fun.
  • Surf without limits. 20 minutes of surfing can be prolonged anytime you wish. Your chip can be comfortably topped up with another 20 minutes so that you can enjoy yourself without worries and to the fullest.
  •  You will pay for your surfing experience at the ticket offices when you leave the water park, our hotel guests pay at the hotel reception when they leave their hotel.
  • If you have forgotten to take your swimming costume, don´t worry. Tatry Motion shops in the area offer a wide choice of swimwear. We suggest women wear a T-shirt for surfing as well.